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Why Good Housing Is Necessary For Peaceful Communities

When we talk about Real Estate, the thing that comes to mind is houses and residential areas. But the reality of Real Estate is that it refers to much more than that and has a wide field of land, buildings and people involved. Not only does it provide housing to humans, but it is also a source of income to many in the form of jobs and investment.

Residential Real Estate

Real estate can be divided into four main categories: residential, commercial, industrial and land. Housing comes under the residential sector and refers to the living spaces that are used to shelter people, as a person, family or many families together.

Basic Human Right

Access to good housing is considered by the United Nations to be a basic human right. This refers to the fact that every human being should have the freedom to choose some form of shelter to call their home. It may be their own property or one that has been leased or rented to them by another person. Also, every human being should be able to access facilities where they can obtain water, electricity, gas and food supplies and other necessities. The governing body of any country or state should make sure that these facilities are provided without any unreasonable limits.

Why Is Housing Important?

There is a basic human need for shelter, apart from the fact that when this is unfulfilled, leads to the person being exposed to the hazards of weather and other negative environmental conditions. This can cause physical harm to their body and the exposure to parasites and germs can lead to diseases and death. There it is also a psychological need for privacy and security provided by a home. Also, man being an intelligent creature means that he will possess belongings that will benefit by the protection afforded by a house. He is also able to accumulate his wealth if he has a home to keep it secure.

Psychological Well Being

The facility of having a place to call home is very much related to a person’s wellbeing. The detrimental effects of having no home can be observed in the community of homeless people living in parks and other public areas, sleeping on benches and street corners. The lack of a home and its securities give them a depressing mind-set that prevents any sort of improvement. These individuals eventually become a burden to the society and country. It could be said that many people with positive potentials will never even know what they are capable of.

Good Housing for Good Communities

Obviously, the facilities provided by a good house can lead to the development of the person and country in many ways. The security offered by a good home will a give a person the balanced psychological mind-set required to develop his abilities and skills. Having the necessary environment to raise a good family will help him have a secure future at the same time developing the future population of that country. There are less stress and strife involved with family members allowing children to better their education and skills.  This allows them to pursue higher studies leading to an educated and knowledgeable community. They are able to actively participate in social events and building up the society. This leads to a harmonious community that develops economically and culturally. Overall the whole country benefits from good housing and these are the reasons why governments are involved in improving these facilities. Eventually, good housing in a country leads to the foundations for a bright future.


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