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Tips and Tricks When You Go House Hunting

If you are currently looking to buy a new home for your family, the first thing you have to determine is your preference. Are you looking for a particular architectural style? There are numerous various architectural styles that if you do not have any idea which one you prefer, you might be overwhelmed with the choices. Among the most popular types are Craftsman, Contemporary, Art Deco, Colonial, Modern, etc. Do you want one story or two stories home? How about the square footage? A number of bedrooms and baths? These are few basic questions you need to answer in advance before you start house hunting to narrow down the choices for that elusive dream home.

Other than preparing an answer for the above questions in advance which your real estate agent will definitely ask you, below are other house hunting tips and tricks that could minimize your stress level while searching for a new abode.

Take Advantage of the Internet

Most if not all real estate agencies have their own website. Take advantage of technology when you start the house hunting process. You could view several properties available online and most websites could filter the choices depending on your preferences, so you need only to view the properties you like. Viewing the properties online could save your and your agent’s time since numerous listings provide for virtual tours of the properties, a gallery of photos for every nook and crannies and video content.

Don’t Meet Your Real Estate Agent during Your Lunch Break

Looking through houses will take most of your time and doing it during your lunch break is simply unreasonable. How will you be able to check everything if you are rushing? Examine all closets, cupboards and drawers. If there is a property you think you like, open every door you see. Chances are one is a room or a storage area. Don’t assume some doors are only closets. You could be passing on a property with a secret library because you did not open all doors to have a look. Don’t’ feel like you are being nosy, or you are taking too long. Your agent most definitely cleared their schedule for you, so you could take your time and linger on a property you are thinking of buying. Discussing the offer and other important issues would take another hour or more so best to schedule it when you have ample free time.

Avoid Trash Talking a Property While You Are Still Within the Vicinity

Remember that the house you are viewing was and still is someone’s home. If you don’t like the property just tell your agent. The owner of the house might still be within earshot and they might not understand why you are not interested so hearing all imperfections and flaws of their residence will surely offend them. Until you reach the car or the next house your agent is going to show you, hold your tongue first. When it is just the two of you, reiterate to your agent once more what you like and what you don’t like to avoid scheduling properties that you would be repulsed by.

Finding your dream home is a result of being prepared. Even if the time for you to buy is still in the near future, allocating time monthly on planning for the purchase will make it easier for you to find a home that falls within your preference and budget.

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