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How to Know if your Real Estate Agent Is Being Honest With You

With the booming market in the real estate industry, it’s not surprising that a lot of people wants to take advantage of it. There are times that you can no longer differentiate which tells the truth or lie because of offers that seem to be irresistible. However, if you are keen enough to observe how people deal with you, you will be able to protect your moolah from a fraudster.

So, if you are planning to buy a property but still hesitant with the real estate agent you’re dealing with, here’s a tip for you to identify if you are negotiating with the real deal or not.

Ask For Their Real Estate Experience

The years of living in the area and the real estate experience are different things. However, some real estate agents who have little experience in the industry use the length of their residence as a reference to their real estate experience. Your agent might be a loyal citizen in the area where your prospective property is situated. However, when it comes to real estate experience the ability to anticipate problems and preventing it to happen is a valuable real estate experience. If your agent can discuss to you the potential setbacks you might encounter with the property you want to buy and offered a possible solution for it, then you are dealing with an excellent real estate agent.

Ask For Their Real Estate Specialty

A bonafide real estate agent does not only knows how to sell the property. They also have a specialty. Legit real estate agents sometimes introduce in their website their real estate specialty to help people narrow down their search for agents to deal with. Some agents market their selves in selling properties in the trendy neighbourhood or high-end community. But beware with agents who claim as neighbourhood specialist when they are not because they will surely rip you off.

Ask for the Agent’s Real Estate License

An agent with no valid license is not allowed to sell properties. That’s because it is against and punishable by the law. To ensure that you are dealing with a licensed agent, you should visit the online website used in verifying the validity of the license presented by agents. Another way is to just Google the name of the agent and see if the agent has a good reputation when it comes property selling.

Ask for the Agent’s Sell Record

You will know if you are dealing with an experienced real estate agent or not if he or she can provide their production records. The production records determine how long you have been in the industry and how many properties have you sold to homebuyers. Testimonials of previous clients can also help you decide whether the real estate agent can be trusted.

These are some of the ways of identifying whether you are dealing with fake and legit real estate agents. To safeguard your money and to ensure that you will get the property you want to buy, it is vital to talk to real estate agents. They will provide options in a way that could help you acquire the property the soonest.


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