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6 Quick Ways to Transform a Garden

Keeping your garden beautiful all year round is a challenge especially when you’re busy or always on the go. However, there are some quick and easy ways to transform a dull garden into a sensational one. Read along to learn more tips on how to make your garden beautiful and blooming all year round.

Install Irrigation

During the dry months, it requires some effort to keep your plants well-watered and lush. If you don’t have much time to water them regularly, why not install an irrigating system instead? A drip-feed hosepipe perfectly delivers water to where it is needed, reducing the amount of water that goes to waste while keeping your plants healthy and green on dry seasons.

Add a Sitting Area

Adding outdoor living space is a great way to transform your garden. A simple timber decking is a simple way to create a sitting area in a garden. Choose good quality wood to make sure that it will last long. Add durable outdoor furniture pieces, decorate around the area and you’re all set. Aside from adding beauty to your garden, it also serves as an additional space to receive and entertain guests or as a quiet place where you can relax.

Plant Late Season Flowers

Almost every garden blooms lively during spring. However, it doesn’t have to be dull and lifeless during off-bloom seasons. Planting late-season flowers is a perfect way to make these off-bloom gaps still beautiful. Late season flowers such as dahlias, castor oil plants, cornflowers and cosmos are just some of the best things you can add for a blooming late-summer garden.

Install Lighting

Once you have an outdoor seating area in your garden, never forget to install outdoor lighting for a stunning scene during night time. Fairy lights and hanging light fixtures are the most popular pick for garden lighting since it adds a bit of drama in your outdoor sitting area. Make sure to choose lights that are specifically made for outdoor use.

Let it Loose

If you have a wide lawn space, one way to switch up its look is to simply let it grow loose. Resist the urge to mow it neatly. Instead, just leave the grass to grow tall and free. Just mow a section through the grass to create a pathway so you can reach a certain area in your yard.

Liven Up Boundaries

If your garden has fences or dull-looking walls, a great way to brighten them up is to let climbers or vines grow upon them. There are plenty of lovely plant options to choose from such as climbing roses and clematis. Aside from those flowering plants, you may also pick edibles instead such as squash plant. You’ll definitely have a beautiful wall or hedge in no time.

Transforming a dull garden is easy once you know what to do. With these garden decorating ideas, you can surely achieve a long-lasting lovely garden in just a short time.

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